State Lawmakers Gear Up For Budget Process, Tax Reform

May 17, 2013

Credit Jessica Jones

Lawmakers have wrapped up crossover week, where bills that don't require tax changes or spending must make it through one chamber or expire. Now they're set to focus on their biggest task- negotiating the state budget. Senate leaders plan to release their budget plan Sunday night.

Tax reform is also on the agenda, though it's not clear how far legislators will get during this session. Both House and Senate lawmakers want to reduce personal and corporate income taxes and expand the sales tax to cover more services. Republican Phil Berger is the President Pro Tem of the Senate.

"The House, like the Senate, is interested in moving forward with tax reform. Obviously we like the Senate plan, there may be some things in the House plan that we will like as well," says Berger.

Berger says he and other lawmakers are still working on the details of their tax reform plan.