State Lawmakers Elect Leaders

Jan 9, 2013

State lawmakers convened in Raleigh today for the official first day of the 2013 legislative session. In the Senate, lawmakers re-elected Republican Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger for another two years. In the House, Speaker Thom Tillis- also a Republican- will also serve for two more years. He told lawmakers he's looking forward to this session.

Thom Tillis: "Over the past two years, we have made significant progress, but there is much more to do. We've made hard choices in the face of economic uncertainty. And we've governed responsibly, despite heated rhetoric and political battles. And I have to say that the doomsday predictions of those who opposed our decisions truly have not come to pass. North Carolina is doing just fine."

House members elected Republican Representative Paul Stam of Apex speaker pro tem. Republican Senator Louis Pate of Mount Olive was elected deputy Senate leader. Lawmakers adjourned and will return on January 30th.