State Health Officials Say Medicaid Claims Processing System Is Improving

Nov 20, 2013

Credit NC General Assembly

State health officials say glitches are being worked out in the new Medicaid claims processing system called NCTracks.

Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos and other health officials testified before lawmakers in a day-long oversight session Tuesday.

Health care providers have complained that they’re not being reimbursed for services rendered to Medicaid patients. Some state lawmakers said they think health officials are getting things back on track.

But Senate Minority Leader Martin Nesbitt says he’d like more evidence, including hard numbers, to show the situation is improving.

“I’m going to suggest that we dispatch our staff to come up with some kind of chart or something, to where we can see how many- I need to know how many people aren’t getting paid- that’s the bottom line. And why, and when that’ll be fixed,” said Nesbitt.

The vendor of the processing system said one-on-one training for health care providers has been expanded, and that many of the initial problems have been fixed.