State Elections Board Looking For Discrepancies

Oct 1, 2012

The state Board of Elections is investigating voter registration work done by a firm hired by the Republican party. The national G-O-P fired Strategic Allied Consulting after irregularities were found in some Florida registration forms. The state Republican party has also terminated its relationship with the firm. The company says on its website that problems were traced to one person. Gary Bartlett is executive director of the state Board of Elections. He says the Board is checking several advocacy groups who register voters.

Gary Bartlett said, "To make sure there aren't any irregularities. Most of what we're finding are applications that may not have full information -- especially information that you would need to process a voter registration."

Bartlett says valid registration forms must have a name, address, birth date and signature on them. He says no major discrepancies have been found yet. Bartlett says these checks happen every presidential election year.