State Board Of Elections Removes Beaufort County Board Member

Dec 22, 2013

Credit North Carolina Government / North Carolina Government

The State Board of Elections has removed a Beaufort County elections board member from office.

Republican Delma Blinson of Blounts Creek endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Greg Brannon at a Tea Party meeting two months ago.

State law limits the political activities of members of boards of elections. Josh Howard is the chairman of the State Board.

"When people go on county boards they surrender some of the political speech they could otherwise have engaged in. And when you stand up and endorse a candidate, this board's going to act swiftly. That is inappropriate for a county board member to do, and here I hope we've sent a message, because every vote we've taken today on a busy agenda has been bipartisan and unanimous," says Howard.

Howard says he hopes this sends a message that while there is a Republican majority on the state board, members will discipline Republicans at least as promptly as anyone else.