Special Donation in Wake Red Kettle

Dec 20, 2011

The Salvation Army staff in Wake County is celebrating a successful year.  But it was another close one.   Gifts and donations from the last couple of weeks made the difference, including a special donation over the weekend. 

Imagine you’re a Salvation Army volunteer, standing in the cold, ringing your bell, hoping someone drops in a little pocket change.  Well, over the weekend, a some-what larger gift from an anonymous donor was tossed in a red kettle in northern Wake County.  Salvation Army spokeswoman Haven Sink says it was a diamond engagement ring and band wrapped in a 10-dollar bill.

Haven Sink:  "Our counters were so excited when they found it that they forgot to write down the location when it came in.  So we’re not exactly sure, we know it was either at a Harris Teeter or a Walmart.  We are just, for whoever it was, we are forever grateful."

Sink says this week they’re distributing new toys and clothes to 78-hundred children.  That’s 500 more than last year.