‘Space Girl’ And One Alien Teenager’s Journey Through High School

Jun 30, 2017

In the new play “Space Girl” by Mora V. Harris, 16-year-old Arugula Suarez wants to be just like everybody else. But she is an alien from the planet Zlagdor, so it is not always easy for her to blend in. Arugula and her father Nancy have been sent to Earth to see if the planet is worth saving. As they decide Earth’s fate, Arugula must also navigate the social politics of high school without blowing her cover. She finds comfort in a wacky blend of things, including roller derby and salad. 

Host Frank Stasio talks with the play’s co-directors Sarah and Katy Koop, and actors Amani McKenzie, who plays Arugula, and Nick Popio, who plays Nancy. The play opens tonight and runs through July 2, July 6, July 7 and July 9at the Sonorous Road Theatre in Raleigh. The production is a part of the Women’s Theatre Festival.