Southern Food Magazine Looks to NC

Jul 2, 2012

There’s a new food magazine on store shelves focusing on food culture of the South. Food from North Carolina is featured this month. 

Leoneda Inge:  What could be better than listening to good music, slurping down fennel soda with cucumber foam and nibbling on seared shallots with creamed corn and smoked bacon?  Joe Spector is CEO and Publisher of the new food magazine The Local Palate, based in Charleston.  The magazine recently sponsored a garden party at Fearrington House restaurant in Chatham County.  Spector says despite the down economy, he has found southern food is exploding.

Joe Spector:  I think the momentum for Southern cuisine has been building. For instance, I was out in San Francisco recently and realized that there were three restaurants focused fully on Southern cuisine.

The July – August issue of The Local Palate features Asheville’s food scene and the personal refrigerator of Bill Smith , chef at Crook’s Corner.