Sound Opinions Show

Nov 12, 2015

ANNOUNCER COPY: Coming up… the annual Sound Opinions Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot. Jim and Greg reveal the most disappointing albums of the year. Then the art-pop of Canadian electronic artist Grimes.




Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot remember singer, songwriter, and guitarist P.F. Sloan, who died November 15. Sloan is best known for writing Barry McGuire’s folk-rock hit “Eve of Destruction” He also recorded under his own name music and appeared on dozens of session recordings, including playing guitar on “Secret Agent Man.”


Jim and Greg also play tribute to Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, former drummer for metal band Motörhead, who died November 11. Taylor’s frenetic drumming helped set the template for thrash metal in the 1970s.


Jim and Greg present the annual Sound Opinions Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot where they share albums from 2015 that they had high expectations for but ultimately disappointed them. They also take nominations from listeners in Paris, Mexico City and Charlotte, NC. This year’s cast of turkeys include Prince, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.


Jim and Greg review Art Angels, the fourth studio album by Canadian electronic artist Grimes. Grimes is the stage name of singer/producer Claire Boucher.


Thinking about victims of the terrorist attack in Paris, Greg nominates the 1999 song “Another Mellow Spring” by French electronic pop band Mellow to the Desert Island Jukebox.


At the end of the show we hear comments from listeners.