Sound Opinions Show

Oct 8, 2015

ANNOUNCER COPY: Coming up… A special live performance from Chicago garage rock band Twin Peaks. Then, the third album from Jack White’s supergroup The Dead Weather.




The cast recording for the hit Broadway musical Hamilton entered at #12 on the Billboard album chart. That’s the highest debut for a musical soundtrack since Camelot in 1961.


Internet streaming company Pandora has purchased Ticketfly in an attempt to take on the ticketing giant Ticketmaster. Pandora will now be able to use its listener streaming data to target potential ticket buyers.


Internet cat celebrity Lil Bub has announced that she will be releasing an album in December. This isn’t the only recent cat-related music release: hip-hop duo Run the Jewels has created a remix one of their albums using cat sounds under the title Meow the Jewels. Lil Bub and Snoop Dogg both appear on that record.


Jim and Greg speak with Twin Peaks, a young garage band from Chicago. The band has grown from playing DIY house shows to playing big festivals like Lollapalooza. Twin Peaks gives a special live performance in front of an audience at the Goose Island Barrelhouse in Chicago.


Jim and Greg review Dodge and Burn, the 3rd album by bluesy garage band The Dead Weather. The supergroup features Jack White of The White Stripes, Alison Mosshart of The Kills, and members of Queens of the Stone Age and The Raconteurs.


At the end of the show we hear comments from listeners.