Some Moral Mondays Cases Expected To Be Dismissed

Jan 23, 2014

North Carolina NAACP President Rev. William Barber during one of several Moral Monday protests.
Credit Matthew Lenard

Some Moral Monday protesters' legal cases are expected to be dismissed in Wake County district court.

Lawyer Scott Holmes represents some of the plaintiffs who were arrested on May 20th. Holmes believes the Wake County District Attorney has made the decision to dismiss the charges for everyone arrested on that date. Some cases in that group have already been dismissed. Holmes thinks the D.A. plans to dismiss the rest when those cases are heard on February 18th. He says so far, prosecutors have tried cases based on evidence specifically focused on individuals.

"But when folks were arrested, Chief Weaver dealt with them as a group. And so it's very difficult for the court to convict folks under those circumstances," says Holmes.

The Wake County DA's office did not respond to requests for interviews.