Some Cold Meds May Require Prescription

May 31, 2011

North Carolina lawmakers discuss a proposal this week that would require consumers to get a prescription for medicines that contain pseudoephedrine. That's a key ingredient in methamphetamine. The number of meth labs has been on the rise lately as producers are finding more efficient ways to make it. Consumer advocates say the bill would make it difficult to buy medicine for common ailments like seasonal allergies. But Attorney General Roy Cooper says more restrictions would cut criminal activity.

Roy Cooper: "That is one possible solution. There is another solution that is being proposed, which will put a tracking system in place that would allow retailers to prevent sales at the point-of-sales for people that have bought too much pseudoephedrine."

Several law enforcement officials urged lawmakers to pass the bill during a meeting last week. Consumer groups said patients should not have to visit the doctor for a common cold.