Sequester Hits Durham Schools

Mar 13, 2013

Eric Becoats, Superintendent Durham Public Schools
Credit Dave DeWitt

Local school districts are bracing for funding cuts due to the federal sequestration. In Durham, the cuts from sequestration could be as much as $1.7 million. In Wake County - a much larger district - the same sequester cuts would total about $11 million.

And it's the most vulnerable students who will be affected.

"Most of the items that would be impacted would be some title one funding," said Eric Becoats, Durham's superintendent. "We would also expect to see some decreases in our exceptional children's funding that we receive from the federal government as well."

Title I schools are those that serve a higher population of low-income children.

The sequester cuts in Durham are part of a larger budget gap of $12 million. Becoats said the district will institute a number of cost-cutting measures as well as request more money from the Durham Board of Commissioners.