Senators Make Another Try at Fixing Health Plan

Apr 29, 2011

State senators have passed a new bill that attempts to close a 500 million dollar shortfall in the state health plan. Governor Bev Perdue vetoed an earlier health plan bill two weeks ago, saying teachers weren't consulted about the premiums workers would have to pay, along with other costs. The new bill would also require workers to pay premiums, but with some changes. Republican Senator Tom Apodaca is the bill's main sponsor. 

Tom Apodaca: "We have reduced the medicare eligible retiree premiums in the 80/20 plan from 16 dollars and 54 cents a month to ten dollars a month, secondly we've increased the generic co-pay from ten dollars to 12 dollars."

The bill would also move oversight of the plan to the state treasurer's office. The measure passed the Senate 31 to 17. It now goes to the state House.