Senate Measure Overhauling Medicaid Headed For A Vote

Jul 18, 2014

Credit NC General Assembly

A measure put forth by the state Senate to overhaul North Carolina's Medicaid program is headed for a vote in the chamber next week.

The proposal would allow both provider-led and managed care plans to serve patients who qualify for the health insurance program.

Senate leaders say their plan would help control costs. It would also create an entirely new department to oversee Medicaid in the state, headed by a corporate-like board. Republican Senator Louis Pate is a sponsor of the measure.

"We've been listening and asking questions and drilling down into Medicaid for the past year. And we think that we have come up with a bill thanks to our staff and the input of hundreds of people that will meet the challenges that Medicaid offers this state," said Pate.

Hospital and physicians' organizations are opposed to using managed care to treat Medicaid recipients. They say it doesn't result in the best outcomes for those patients.

The Senate proposal differs greatly from the House's plan, which would only allow provider-led networks. Governor Pat McCrory has said he supports the House plan.