Senate Leader Explains Education Plan

May 23, 2012

Republican Senate leader Phil Berger introduced an education reform package to lawmakers today. Capitol Bureau Chief Jessica Jones reports if passed, it would cost 440 million dollars over five years.

Jessica Jones: Berger explained the legislation earlier today in a committee meeting. It has attracted controversy because it would end teacher tenure, to the chagrin of some educators. Berger says bad teachers should be weeded out. The measure would also require evaluations of all entering kindergarten students.

Phil Berger: The purpose is to make sure we know where those kids are when they start. The side benefit of that is that we should be able to track data on where those kids come from. Have they come out of a Pre-K program. Are they someone that would have qualified for a pre-K program but didn't have one.

Some lawmakers have asked whether the bill should provide more money for the state's pre-K program, which lawmakers cut back last year. The measure is expected to be discussed again next week.