Senate Lawmakers Unveil Voter ID Bill

Jul 18, 2013

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Lawmakers in the state Senate have released a new version of a measure that would require residents to present photo IDs at the polls.

The bill was posted on the legislature's website this morning. It would require residents to use one of only seven qualifying forms of photo IDs in order to vote. It does not include university IDs.

The House's version of the bill, which passed three months ago, would allow UNC system and community college students to use their campus ID cards, though it excludes students at private colleges.

The newly posted Senate bill allows driver’s licenses, non-operator cards, tribal and military IDs and passports, among others. But it leaves out employer and local government identification cards.

Rules Committee Chairman Tom Apodaca says the bill also accommodates people with disabilities and nursing home residents. Democrats say the bill is designed to block voters who're more likely to vote for their party