Seaside Heights N.J. Rebuilds The Boardwalk

Feb 18, 2013

A ruined home on the Jersey Shore
Credit Dick Gordon

Seaside Heights N.J. Rebuilds The Boardwalk

Dick Gordon spends a day with longtime residents of this coastal town that was flooded during Hurricane Sandy and still has rubble piled along its famous Jersey Shore. Many shops and homes were ripped down to the foundations, and boardwalk games and prizes were washed out into the ocean. Our guide is Bob Stewart, who owned the Carousel Arcade on the Funtown Pier that was torn away by the waves. Dick stops in to talk with Fire Chief Billy Rumolo, and Chris Sabey of the Surf Liquor Store, who is trying to re-open by Saint Patrick's Day. The final visit is with Bob Stewart’s son, Kevin, who hopes to re-open his restaurant JR's Ocean Bar and Grill by Memorial Day. Some business owners are calling it quits, but others say their deep roots in the town mean they have to give it a shot.

Maine Fishermen Market The Fish They Used To Catch

Glen Libby is co-owner of Port Clyde Fresh Catch, a group of fishermen who started their own business to sell fish directly to consumers - with no middlemen. It's inspired by the many farmers’ markets around the country, and at first they delivered the fish in grocery bags around the state but now they have a storefront.

Letters From You

Reaction to our interview with Brian Banks, who was wrongly accused of rape in high school and spent five years in prison.

Music in this episode: "Wolf Parade" by the Fine Young Cannibals; "Freetown Reeds" by Jeremiah McLane; "Parchman Blues" by Tangle Eye.

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