School Districts Beginning to Lay Off Teachers

May 12, 2011

Many school districts are beginning to lay off teachers and other employees in anticipation of deep budget cuts by lawmakers. A budget plan approved by the state House would cut public education by almost a billion dollars. State senators haven't come up with a final plan yet, but Republican budget writers say they'd like to cut a hundred million dollars more than the House would. Jennifer Tuft is a kindergarten teacher in Randolph County who found out last week that her position will be cut. 

Jennifer Tuft: "It just concerns me. I'm definitely concerned for my situation, but I'm also concerned for my school. And the thing is you know I'm just one representing many in my county, and I can't imagine how many over North Carolina...there are so many that are being cut and I don't know how that can be done."

The President Pro Tem of the Senate, Republican Phil Berger, has repeatedly said that spending more money on schools isn't producing better results. The Senate's Minority Leader, Democrat Martin Nesbitt, says the proposed cuts will set the state back years in education.