Salvation Army Donations that Sparkle

Dec 23, 2011

Note, $20 and ring was found in a Salvation Army Red Kettle in Winston-Salem.

The Salvation Army has been faced with record need this holiday season.   And some everyday citizens are meeting that need with donations that sparkle.

The holiday season is usually the time of year when loved ones GIVE jewelry to one another.  But there have been at least three instances reported in North Carolina in the past couple of weeks – where anonymous donors have given their jewelry to the Salvation Army.  One of the latest gifts was a diamond ring left in a Red Kettle in Winston-Salem – outside a K&W.  Major Kent Davis tells Fox-8 News the ring came with a $20 bill and a simple note.

Major Kent Davis:  "It says it’s real, in loving memory of Benny and Phyllis. We knew it was intentional because it was wrapped and had a rubber band around it."

The ring is worth about 35-hundred dollars. There was also an emerald and diamond bracelet dropped in a kettle outside a Winston-Salem Walmart.  And a diamond engagement ring and wedding band was discovered in a north Raleigh kettle, wrapped in a 10-dollar bill.