Saint Pauli Murray Celebrated

Jul 19, 2012

The Durham community celebrated the life of Pauli Murray last evening. But this year the celebration marked the Episcopal Priest’s sainthood.

Leoneda Inge:  St. Titus’ Epsicopal Church was filled with song and memories of Anna Pauline Murray – the first female African American priest.  Earlier this month – the author, lawyer and human rights activist was named to the Episcopal Church’s book – “Holy Women, Holy Men” – making her a saint.  Bishop Michael Curry is with the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina.  He says the Episcopal Church is in 16 different countries.

Bishop Michael Curry:  Pauli Murray is going to be remembered and her life re-called not just in Durham, not just in North Carolina, not even just in the United States, but in the largest diocese in the Episcopal Church which is the diocese of Haiti, in Columbia, in Equador, parts of Mexico and Costa Rica.

Murray died in 1985. The Episcopal Church will honor her from now on on July first.