Roads Expected To Be Busier This Holiday

Nov 21, 2012

You won't be alone if you're planning on driving to your destination this Thanksgiving holiday. Triple-A Carolinas says there will be more than 1-point-1 million North Carolinians on the roadways through the end of the week. Angela Vogel Daley is a spokeswoman for Triple-A Carolinas.

Andela Vogel Daley: "Well we do expect that travel volume will be up about one percent this year and a big part of that is due to the drop in gas prices we've seen over the past couple of months. The North Carolina average is $3.31 today and that's down about 54 cents since it peaked a couple of months ago."

You can find the cheapest gas in the state in High Point. It's at 3-dollars-23-cents per gallon. Daley says if you're planning on traveling south, gas will be even cheaper. Prices are as low as 3-dollars-13-cents in South Carolina.