Republican Governors Association Attacks Dalton In TV Ad

May 15, 2012

The Republican Governor's Association is attacking Democratic gubernatorial candidate Walter Dalton in a new television ad.

RGA Ad: Walter Dalton is Bev Perdue's right-hand man. Now Walter Dalton is running away from Perdue.

Gurnal Scott: The ad in part says Perdue and Dalton's policies are the reason for the state's high unemployment rate.

RGA AD: Under Perdue and high tax policies, 40,000 more North Carolinians are out of work.

N.C. State University economist Mike Walden doesn't dispute job losses but stops short at placing blame.

Mike Walden: What I cannot do and indeed it's a matter of intense debate and a fairly complicated issue is if there are job changes, what policies or what factors are behind those.

Walden says if taxes are's how that revenue is used that determines how well, or poorly, the economy responds.