Report Praises Mental Health Partnerships

Dec 18, 2012

A public-private partnership is doing a good job of taking care of people suffering from mental illness. --- That, according to a new report from The North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research.

Three-way contracts were instituted more than four years ago as part of a new initiative from the Division of Mental Health. The contracts allow the state to buy beds in local hospitals to provide care for people who are in crisis. Mebane Rash is an Attorney with state Center for Public Policy Research.

Mebane Rash: "We think they're a win-win for stakeholders, patients get treatment close to the home, and hospitals receive payments for treating patients who are otherwise uninsured. And the state reduces short term admissions to state psychiatric hospitals, saves money and furthers the broader goals of mental health reform."

This program assists people suffering from mental health ailments, ranging from psychosis, to those in need of substance abuse treatment. The report recommends a strategy for more timely payments under the contracts, as well as additional training for medical professionals in community hospitals.