Red Hat Opens Silicon Valley Office Pad To Some NC Start-Ups

Sep 18, 2014

The American Underground at American Tobacco in Durham. Its three sites in the Triangle feature 150 business start-ups.

Start-up companies and entrepreneurs housed at The American Underground in Durham and Raleigh will now also have access to free work space in Silicon Valley.

Jim Whitehurst is President and CEO of Red Hat.  His company is teaming up with The American Underground to offer the space.

“We actually have multiple floors of a building in Mountain View, which is right at the heart.  That’s where LinkedIn is based, that’s where Google is based," said Whitehurst.   "And if you want to be professional and have a meeting, you don’t want to do it at a Starbucks, and so they will be able to use our space.”

The office space in Mountain View, California will be called "The American Tobacco Foxhole."

Whitehurst and other business leaders say they hope having access to the office space will help expand networks and get companies to the next level.

"With so much of the money, and many of the customers and partners for the Triangle's startups located in the Bay area, having a fractional business workspace available out there at no cost can be a huge enabler," said John Cambier, founding managing partner at IDEA Fund Partners.

The American Underground currently has three locations in the RTP region and features 150 startup companies.