The Real Story Behind 'Argo'

Feb 22, 2013

The six Americans who were rescued from Tehran and President Jimmy Carter, including Mark and Cora Lijek, second and third from right.
Credit The White House

Mark Lijek was working in the American embassy in Iran when it was taken over Nov. 4, 1979. Americans were taken hostage, but he and five others were able to escape the compound and make their way to an apartment. The CIA ultimately helped them leave Tehran with the help of a cover story and false identities that passed the group off as a Hollywood crew making a sci-fi film called Argo. Mark later wrote a memoir called The Houseguests.


Wim Wenders tells Claes Andreaasson that having a story board from start to finish is boring, and he likes to make things up as he goes. He tells the story of Paris, Texas, and how he and Sam Shepard finished writing the movie as they were filming it.


Fereshta Kazemi left Hollywood to act in her childhood country - Afghanistan. She describes a lively arts scene and says that restrictions on women and arts exist mainly in the rural areas. Fereshta loves hearing her native language in Kabul and says so far she feels free to do her work.

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