Rape Should Not Be Tolerated, Says India's First and Highest Ranking Female Police Officer

Feb 6, 2013

India's First Female Police Chief on Rape

We speak with Dr. Kiran Bedi about how she managed the Indian police when she was in charge, making sure they treated rape cases seriously and properly. She says the case of the young woman who was raped in December and died from her injuries has shaken many in India and she predicts changes across society.

Rita Jahanforuz Sings for Israel and Iran

Pop star Rita Jahanforuz was born in Iran and grew up hearing the music. Her Jewish family moved to Israel and she learned another language and culture. It is blended now in her new album "My Joys."  

Chocolate Taster

Chloe Doutre-Roussel is a world-renowned chocolate taster. This story comes to us from Jonathan Miller of Homelands Productions.

Music in this episode: "Be Comfortable Creature" by Explosions in the Sky; "Shane," "Osta Karim" and "Gole Sangam" by Rita Jahanforuz; "Slideshow At Free University" by Le Tigre; and "Be Comfortable Creature" by Explosions in the Sky.

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