Raleigh's Downtown Light Rail Plan

Jul 7, 2011

Raleigh's plan in dark yellow with proposed stations, two of TTA's options in dotted red and light yellow lines

A Raleigh task force has recommended a $300 million light rail route for the downtown area. It's part of a proposal from Triangle Transit Authority to complete commuter train and light rail systems from Orange to Wake Counties by 2025. Eric Lamb is Raleigh's transportation planning director. He says the proposed route leaves the existing tracks at Morgan Street and splits into two tracks that wrap around the Capitol Building at Wilmington and Salisbury Streets.

Eric Lamb: "The Passenger Rail Task Force felt that having a system that was closest into the core of the central business district and the state government complex was important."
The proposal differs from the options Triangle Transit gave to the Raleigh City Council. The task force says their plan would cost about the same as TTA's options. Triangle Transit officials will have to review the plan before it gets final approval.