Raleigh Wants You To Fund New Cool Bike Racks

Dec 12, 2013

Bike racks have come a long way, baby. If you're thinking about those old metal U shaped ones, well, where have you been?

There are some amazing racks out there. One design blog documents some of the coolest.

Bright colors and shapes from cyclehoop, designers in the UK
Credit cyclehoop

Hanging bike parking in the historic Spalding building in Portland, OR
Credit J. Mause / bikeportland.org

Wall bike rack designed by Luca718
Credit LUCA718

Raleigh does have some interesting racks, like this one.
Credit City of Raleigh

Will Raleigh be able to get "cool" racks? Well, it's up to you. The city is kicking off a pilot project, trying to "crowdfund" some new ones.

The goal is to finance the project with small donations from people. It will cost $6,500. If they get the money, and you donate, you get to vote for the final design.

By the way, Raleigh planners are also crowdfunding benches for the new 28 mile long Neuse River Greenway.

Perhaps they could combine the two projects, with a bike rack/bench. Yes,  they do exist.

Credit ADD-Innovation

The project is a part of the City of Oaks Foundation.