Raleigh Residents To Hear Details of $28M Water Plant Expansion

Jan 21, 2013

Raleigh utilities officials hope to outpace city growth by unveiling a new phase in wastewater treatment expansion.

City leaders say new residential development and yearly threats of drought warrant a new upgrade at the Neuse River Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Over the years, the plant's capacity has doubled from 30 million gallons of treated water daily to 60 million. 

Residents have been invited to the facility to hear the expansion proposal from public utilities staff and the project's contractor -- Hazen and Sawyer.  The project is estimated at just over 28 million dollars.  City council members must vote to proceed with the new phase before any work can begin.  In addition to getting details of the plan, residents are expecting to hear what extra expense they will incur because of expanded capacity.  City leaders do point out that money from a federal initiative is earmarked to pay for any new construction.