Raleigh Police Officers File Grievance Over Evaluations

Jul 5, 2012

Representatives for some Raleigh police officers have filed a grievance against a new department evaluation policy.

Gurnal Scott: Trey Walters is a Raleigh officer of three-and-a-half years. He speaks for the 100 or so officers who say a system installed by Chief Harry Dolan evaluating officers' by quantity of work diminishes what they do.

Trey Walters: Chief Dolan is taking us down a path that will have police officers chasing numbers instead of criminals.

Walters says this system will hurt police work and ultimately convictions.

Walters: When defense attorneys start asking at DWI trials, 'Hey, what's the motivation for this stop? And if they find out police are stopping cars for the sole purpose of meeting a quota, it's going to produce some serious problems.

The Teamsters say more officers will join the grievance next week. Chief Dolan said in a statement that numbers of stops and searches grade performance. An expert who worked with the chief on the policy says the grievance filed is inaccurate.