Raleigh Business Leaders at White House

Jan 12, 2012

A group of Raleigh area business owners are in Washington D-C today for a roundtable discussion with White House officials.

Leoneda Inge:  Raleigh business leaders are meeting with members of the White House Business Council.  It allows them the chance to discuss ideas and possible solutions to challenges confronting small businesses.  Kimberly McClain is CEO of Creative Force Studios in Raleigh.  The company is a creative incubator for those wanting careers and businesses in the arts, like web development and graphic design.  McClain is looking forward to today’s roundtable.

Kimberly McClain:  Personally the promotion of our programming is something that I would like to bring up to the forefront. It all goes back to support in marketing and funding.

Other North Carolina businesses being represented at the roundtable chat include Forma Life Science Marketing, the Home Builders Association and Xanofi a new company spun-out of NC State.