Rainstorms Wipe Out Drought Conditions, Refill NC Reservoirs

Oct 9, 2015

Reservoirs are full and over-flowering after North Carolina received 15-inches of rain in the past week.

State Climatologist Ryan Boyles says that's about three-months-worth of rain. Boyles says the rain was welcome, at first, after a very dry summer.

"Sometimes it's either too little or too much, and it's not very often that we can get just the right amount," Boyles said. "But in particular, it's tough to manage when so much rain falls over such a short period of time. The ground just can't absorb it."

Boyles compares the heavy rain after a dry summer to the conditions associated with Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

The recent rain storms have helped North Carolina bounce back from a dry summer, during which most of the state experienced abnormally-dry and drought conditions.

Linwood Peele of the state Division of Water Resources says there was more than enough rain to refill reservoirs.

"For instance, Falls Lake was down about two or three feet, and the recent rainfall in the last seven to 12 days, it went back up to normal pool level."

The rain over-filled Jordan Lake, and water managers are now letting extra out to reduce flooding.