Puppy Mill Bill Passes State House

May 9, 2013

A Rhodesian ridgeback mother dog and her puppy.
Credit m_h via flickr, Creative Commons

The State House has passed a bill that would require basic standards of care for commercial dog-breeding operations.

The "puppy mill bill," as it's known, would apply to facilities with more than ten breeding females. Breeders would have to provide food and water, exercise, appropriate housing, vet care, and humane euthanasia if needed.

First Lady Ann McCrory watched from the gallery as lawmakers debated the issue. She wrote a letter to members of a judiciary panel thanking them for bringing the measure to the floor. Republican representative Bert Jones thanked Mrs. McCrory for her involvement. 

"I think it's significant, as has been said, that the first lady of our state has taken a public stand on this issue. It was courageous to do that, and is here today. And she honors us with her presence here today," said Jones.

The measure passed overwhelmingly in the House and now goes to the Senate.