Presidential Campaigns Saturate Triangle Airwaves

May 31, 2012

The findings of a new analysis are no surprise to anyone who's flipped on the TV recently, the Obama and Romney campaigns are saturating local airwaves. Three of the country's top ten political advertising markets are in North Carolina.

Asma Khalid: Analysis from NBC News/SMG-Delta shows the presidential campaigns are spending a lot of money in Raleigh Durham, it's the number five market in the country for the concentration of political ads. Dominico Montanaro is deputy political editor at NBC News.

Domenico Montanaro: Well, I think anybody who questioned if North Carolina was a swing state, ask the Obama campaign, ask the Romney campaign. They're certainly spending enough money to make it absolutely clear, that they both think the election is going to come down to places like North Carolina.

Both campaigns along with their respective Super PACs have spent some $1.8 million to date in the Triangle on TV commercials.