President Obama Touts Technology In Mooresville

Jun 6, 2013

Obama speaking in Mooresville, NC.
Credit The White House

President Barack Obama used a visit to a North Carolina middle school as an opportunity to promote a new White House effort to expand broadband internet access in schools.

The Mooresville schools, north of Charlotte, have gained national attention for the way they incorporate technology into learning. The district spends more than a million dollars a year on a variety of programs, including giving all students in grades 3 through 12 Mac laptops. Since launching the program four years ago, test scores and graduation rates have gone up.

President Obama acknowledged the effects in a visit to Mooresville Middle School yesterday.

"Last year out of 115 school districts in North Carolina, you ranked in the bottom ten in the amount of money you spend per student, but you ranked number two in student achievement," said President Obama. 

The President also laid out a plan to bring broadband internet access to 99 percent of the country's schools within five years. He said the money to do so is already budgeted and would not require action by Congress.