President Obama Praises Bragg Troops

Dec 15, 2011

President Barack Obama made his first trip as commander in chief to Fort Bragg yesterday. He was there to thank all American troops for their service in Iraq.

President Obama spoke in a sunlit airplane hangar before about 3-thousand troops and their families. He told them their service was selfless and historic, and would be remembered.

President Barack Obama: "You served a cause greater than yourselves. You helped forge a just and lasting peace with Iraq and among all nations. I could not be prouder of you. And America could not be prouder of you."

President Obama also praised the sacrifices made by military families. All told, 202 Fort-Bragg-based soldiers lost their lives in Iraq. Across the military, nearly 4,500, with another 30,000 wounded.

For more, listen to Dave DeWitt's feature story that aired during Morning Edition on NPR.