Positive Employment Outlook For NC

Sep 11, 2012

Numbers released today by the employment firm Manpower show a favorable job market for North Carolina.  Leoneda Inge reports.

Leoneda Inge:  The latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey shows the North Carolina job market is expected to be among the strongest in the country.  The net employment outlook is 13-percent in North Carolina for the fourth quarter and 11-percent nationally.  That’s the percent of employers surveyed who expect to be hiring.  Steve Bastian is a managing director with Manpower in the Raleigh office. He says Manpower’s clients plan more hiring this quarter than they did a year ago at this time.

Steve Bastian:  We’re continuing to get constant orders with them, it’s just with clients, I believe with the fourth quarter, are once again the election and watching their year-end budgets.

Bastian says there are good I-T, finance and health care opportunities in major pockets of the state – including Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro.