As Politicians Talk Tightening Gun Laws, Charlotte Gun Store Sells Like It's The Holidays

May 13, 2013

Larry Hyatt
Credit Briana Duggan

In the weeks after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School this past December, President Obama began talking about tightening gun control – and firearm sales boomed. Larry Hyatt runs Hyatt Guns in Charlotte, N.C., and he says that he’s seeing a growing demand for "high capacity" guns and that he’s selling as much as he would over Christmas. He stocks 7,000 guns in his store, making it one of the biggest in the country. He tells host Dick Gordon about the one thing he’d like to see changed in Washington.

Hear the full interview on the site of The Story with Dick Gordon. Also in this show: William Vizzard, who tracked down firearms for almost three decades, talks about laws that helped his work; Jim Wachtel, a veteran firearms trafficking investigator, talks about the man power needed to bust a gun ring; and Malcolm Shabazz, who was killed last week in Mexico, spoke to Dick in 2011 about his grandfather Malcolm X.