Plans For Raleigh's Catholic Cathedral Updated

May 7, 2014

Catholic parishioners in the Raleigh Diocese can expect the ground to be turned on their new cathedral by the end of the year.

Plans have been underway for years to raise $41 million to build a “mother church” for the people of the Raleigh Diocese.

Artistic rendering of the dome at the future "Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral."
Credit The Catholic Diocese of Raleigh

Bishop Michael Burbidge heads the Raleigh Diocese.

“We will build what the people of God let us build, so this was a good faith campaign," said Burbidge.

Burbidge says they have raised 75 percent of their goal.  Meanwhile, “Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral” has a new architect, James O'Brien, and some changes to the first plan.  Seating in the 2,000 seat cathedral will be arranged closer to the Alter, there will no longer be a parking deck, and the basement is also scrapped.

“That was a significant cost, to have a basement as part of the church, a crypt area," said Burbidge.

The new cathedral  will stand off Western Boulevard on 40 acres near North Carolina State University.  If construction remains on course, the cathedral should take two years to build.

"We believe we have the cathedral that we are able to construct, one that is going to make us proud."

Members of the Raleigh Diocese currently worship at Sacred Heart in downtown Raleigh, with a seating capacity of 320 people.  It was built in 1924.