Pitt County Schools to Observe Mandatory Silence

Jun 8, 2011

The Pitt County School Board has voted to require a daily moment of silence for all county schools. Board members passed the proposal earlier this week. It directs teachers to observe up to a minute of silence every morning before instruction begins. Board member Worth Forbes proposed the idea in January. He says the policy creates a consistent way for students to start the school day.

Worth Forbes: "I know that in the morning, sometimes it can be very chaotic getting kids on track and focused. This moment of silence is a way to kind of create a banner between school time and non-school time."

Four board members voted against the policy, saying a moment of silence should be optional rather than mandatory. North Carolina general statutes allow for a daily moment of silence so long as students are not influenced on how to use it. The Pitt County policy goes into effect this fall.