A Pistol, A Shotgun And A Rifle

Feb 26, 2013

Credit Flickr photo

Today we have three gun stories about how and why people own a firearm. Hal Stucker lived in New York City in the 1980's at a time when crime was rampant. After being mugged several times, he began to carry a pistol on the subway. 

Then we hear from James Luria, who tells the story of a time when he was angry at his father, loaded a shotgun and considered shooting him. Pete Heikes was given a rifle by his grandmother and through that he learned about her early days working a ranch in Texas. He plans to let his daughter shoot the rifle when she is older.

Letters on Guns
Dick and producer Phoebe Judge read letters about gun owner Yang Li and his passionate defense of gun ownership.

Ode To Escalators
From Roman Mars and Sam Greenspan of 99% Invisible.

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