Perdue Vetoes Four More Bills

Jul 1, 2011

Governor Bev Perdue has now made decisions on all the bills on her desk. Perdue vetoed four bills before last night's midnight deadline.

If you're keeping score, that's 15 vetoes for the Governor this legislative session. The latest group includes a bill that would have allowed more exploration of offshore oil drilling. It also would have allowed hydraulic fracking, a controversial method of natural gas extraction.

Another bill the Governor vetoed would have set requirements on medicaid. Perdue signed three bills and allowed four others to become law without her signature. One of those was an overhaul of the state's annexation laws. Citizens in unincorporated areas will now be able to block annexation if 60% sign a petition.

The General Assembly will re-convene on July 13th. Republican leaders are expected to attempt to garner enough votes to override at least some of Perdue's vetoes.