Perdue Vetoes Budget

Jun 13, 2011

Governor Bev Perdue has vetoed the budget sent to her by the North Carolina General Assembly. The decision comes a week after the Republican-led House and Senate passed the bill, sending it to Perdue's desk. It's the first time in state history that a governor has vetoed a budget passed by the Legislature. Speaking from the Capitol's old Senate chamber yesterday, Perdue said the bill would hurt public education, the environment and health care.

Gov. Bev Perdue: "I will not put my name on a plan that so blatantly ignores the values that has built this great North Carolina or the values of our people. Therefore, I'm going to walk to this table and veto this budget bill. "

Republican Senate leader Phil Berger said the governor's veto placed politics in front of public interest. GOP leaders say they have enough votes in both chambers to override the veto. Five House Democrats supported the bill last week, giving the chamber enough votes to override. State law requires the budget to be approved by July first.