Perdue Halts Ferry Toll Increases

Feb 29, 2012

Residents along the coast are getting a reprieve from ferry toll increases. Governor Bev Perdue has issued an executive order to delay the new tolls that were set to go into effect in April.

Dave DeWitt: The State Legislature last year told the Department of Transportation to generate $5 million in new revenue by increasing or charging new tolls on ferries. People who live in and around the ferries at Bayview, Cedar Island, Cherry Branch, Southport and Swan Quarter spoke out against the tolls.

Perdue says the tolls place an undue burden on working men and women along the coast who are trying to recover from Hurricane Irene. Perdue is from New Bern.

The Legislature comes back into session in May and could overturn the moratorium. If not, the Department of Transportation must find spending reductions elsewhere.