Perdue Fires Up Delegates At DNC

Sep 5, 2012

Governor Bev Perdue gave an early-evening welcome to delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Perdue appeared yesterday -- not so much as a political force -- but as a gracious, and at times excited host.

Gov. Bev Perdue: "Do we know how to have a party? Go Democrats!"

She struggled with a strained voice through most of her five minutes on stage. Still she quickly settled into the party's talking points. Perdue has always been an advocate for education.

Gov. Bev Perdue: "The President has made schools a top priority. He actually understands that all parents want their children to have even better opportunities than they had as a child."

Her speech touched on several women's issues..including support for equal pay and Planned Parenthood. Perdue is not running for a second term as governor.