Perdue Boosts Pre-K

Feb 22, 2012

Two thousand more at-risk kids will be able to attend pre-kindergarten classes, starting in March. Governor Bev Perdue made the announcement today at a pre-school in Raleigh. Dave DeWitt reports.

Dave DeWitt: The state funds about one-third of the at-risk kids who qualify for pre-kindergarten. Last year, Superior Court Judge Howard Manning said that was illegal, and directed the legislature to fund all eligible children.

That hasn’t happened, and the case is likely to be heard by the state supreme court. In the meantime, Perdue says she’s been monitoring the available funding, and it will be possible to send two thousand more kids to pre-K between mid-March and August, when kindergarten starts. She spoke during a news conference broadcast on WRAL.

Bev Perdue: That 5-month academic experience I’m told by people who are experts in the field, will give them enough of a start to really be on level with children coming from an entire year’s program.

The $9.3 million is one-time funding and comes from the state’s child-care subsidy.