Once Upon A Gypsy Moon

Jul 24, 2013

The cover of Michael Hurley’s book, 'Once Upon A Gypsy Moon'.
The cover of Michael Hurley’s book `Once Upon A Gypsy Moon`;
Credit hachettebookgroup.com / Center Street

Michael Hurley’s life had fallen to shambles. His wife was divorcing him, he lost his job and faced big alimony payments. He decided that would be a good time to set sail on his 32-foot boat.

What ensued was an adventure that ended with a new wife, a memoir and his boat destroyed. Host Frank Stasio talks to Raleigh attorney Michael Hurley about his memoir, “Once Upon a Gypsy Moon: An Improbable Voyage and One Man’s Yearning for Redemption” (Center Street/2013).