Olympic Hopefuls Come To Cary

Apr 19, 2012

The North American Olympic Qualifying Tournament in table tennis is being held in Cary this weekend. The event features world-class athletes trying to make their Olympic dreams come true.

Dave DeWitt: Table tennis is a wildly popular sport in Asia and eastern Europe. In the United States, the sport is growing, but with little to no chance of winning Olympic medals this year in London, just making the North American team is the goal.

That team will be finalized this weekend at Cary's Bond Park Community Center. Four men and four women from the US will compete against 4 men and 4 women from Canada. After a series of tournaments, three women and three men will eventually make the team.

The highest drama may be in the women's draw. One of the spots is already claimed by a Canadian who won the Pan Am games, so 8 competitors are hoping to grab just 2 spots. Among the American women competing are three teenagers and best friends, all from the Bay Area in California.

The table tennis Olympic trials start tomorrow and continue through Sunday afternoon.