Olympic Drama In Cary

Apr 23, 2012

The Olympic Table Tennis trials were held in Cary over the weekend. The sport’s premier event provided plenty of drama.

Dave DeWitt: Like every sport, table tennis has its quirks and traditions. What’s obvious right away to anyone new to the elite level of table tennis is, these athletes are loud. Each player has his or her own personal word or phrase they like to shout. For American Ariel Hsing, that word is “sa.” It must have worked, because Hsing won the first Olympic team slot.

 Ariel Hsing: It’s just absolutely amazing. I’ve been dreaming about it, I’ve been wishing for it, but when you actually won, it kind of hit me unexpectedly.

 Hsing is 16 years old, and will be joined on the women’s Olympic team by two other Americans younger than her. On the men’s side, one American and three Canadians will make up the North American contingent in London.